Finance Leader Transition Labs & Coaching

The actions you take as a finance leader in your first few months in a new role largely determine whether you fail or succeed. When leaders derail, their problems can almost always be traced to vicious cycles that developed in the first few months on the job.

A survey of thirteen hundred senior HR leaders reported that almost 90 percent agreed that “transitions into new roles are the most challenging times in the professional lives of leaders.” And nearly three-quarters agreed that “success or failure during the first few months is a strong predictor of overall success or failure in the job.” So even though a bad transition does not necessarily doom you to failure, it makes success a lot less likely.

What's going wrong?

In most cases, the reason transitions fail is because new leaders are ill-prepared to take on their new role, and don’t get the right support. Here are other reasons:

  • Poor grasp of how the organisation works
  • Failure to adjust with the organisation culture
  • Difficultly forging alliance with peers, leading to lack of support + missed opportunities
  • Lack of understanding of the business model
  • Ineffective decision making
  • Failing to meet expectations of stakeholders as these were not discussed / defined.
  • Trying to do too much too soon, resulting in bad decisions and resistance

What's the impact?

The leader, may face challenges and criticism faced increase stress and pressure, leading to decreased performance, and a loss of credibility, reputation and career setbacks. The organisation, may face financial losses due to ineffective decision making, inefficient operations, decreased productivity, and potential loss of key talent as well as decreased employee morale.

This is where I can help.

Having been through my own transition to Director and also supporting my firms transition labs, I have developed a program which focuses on the core areas crucial for your success. This leverages methodology which has transitioned over 700 senior executives. It’s hugely successful… BECAUSE IT WORKS. I offer two programs that will support your transition, the difference being the support you require.

This is a rare chance to indulge yourself in thinking about your aspirations, plans and challenges in a new role – in a safe environment. 

Transition lab (Half Day session)

In this one-off impactful session, we identify you key priorities and related action plan needed to be successful. Using bespoke frameworks, we will cover key stakeholders and relationships crucial for success as well assess your talent and their capabilities amongst other areas. 

Following our session, I will share a personalised report which includes all the detail we discussed during the day, including key priorities, actions and timing. You will feel confident, prepared, and excited to thrive in your new role.

Your First 90 days Coaching

This program is a longer term partnership that covers the core areas noted below. I will design a bespoke coaching arrangement based on your needs and it can be varied in duration and frequency - the main focus is getting you to where you need to be.

The benefit of this program is that you have ongoing support and a sounding board to navigate any complexities and challenges as they arise (which they will). I also share my unique frameworks and strategies to overcome common challenges. 

Areas to focus on to accelerate your transition and success

  1. Set yourself up for success before you start
  2. Frame your priorities and ultimately what you are trying to achieve in the role
  3. Understand the organisation, including culture, politics and strategy
  4. Get to the heart of team and talent issues and strategies for maximising success
  5. Identify key stakeholders and relationships and different approaches to managing complex stakeholder relationships
  6. Assess your leadership capabilities, including strengths to play to and development areas or sabotaging behaviours
  7. Align expectations among your many stakeholders and define milestones
  8. Secure 2-4 “Early Wins”

Executing on the above will position you to have your CEO, peers and others saying to themselves, and perhaps to one another, “We definitely hired the right person for this role”.

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