5 Strategies to Recession - Ready your business

This is a short but impactful series of bitesize videos of ways you future proof your business against the recession and save money. I promise to never spam your inbox. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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What you can expect?

  • Day 1 - We kick off by reviewing your Profit and Loss. I share a number of ideas on how to increase revenue, decrease costs and improve your cash flow. Each of these being crucial during a period of high inflation and uncertain times.
  • Day 2 - How to set strategic business goals. Warren Buffet, who has a net worth of over $100 billion and who is one of the most successful investors in the world said ‘“An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.”
  • Day 3 - Reviewing your pricing and offerings. It’s likely your costs have gone up, but have you increased your sales or service price? Or considered which offerings are more profitable than others?
  • Day 4 - Creating a budget and cash flow forecast, two of the most invaluable business tools. Not having cash coming into the business is one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail.
  • Day 5 - Getting the right support. The Recession is expected to last until at least 2025 and you don’t need to do this alone. We go through various options for support.
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