Coaching for Finance Leaders

Do you relate to any of these thoughts?

“My ideas are often overlooked or ignored within the board room”
“People think of me as a numbers person, rather than someone who adds strategic value"
“I rarely get buy-in from my peers and stakeholders”
“I lack the confidence to stand up for myself when challenged or questioned by senior leadership team members”
“I don’t always get a chance to contribute to conversations, even when I feel like I have something valuable to say"
“I don’t feel confident to challenge the opinions of other leaders”
“I don’t have time to deliver each requirement of my finance leader role”
“It takes so much effort to try get my team to do day to day tasks”
“Why don’t my team listen to me?”

You may also:

  • Often feel unheard or like others don’t value your ideas during strategy conversations
  • Fail to explain why a particular decision is necessary and how it fits into the bigger picture
  • Be overly technical in order to make your point
  • Have difficulty speaking up in meetings
  • Avoid taking risks or challenging other people’s views
  • Lack confidence in delegating your most complex tasks
  • Struggle to engage your team to get them to follow or listen to you

These behaviours can severely limit your ability to influence decisions and shape the business agenda. And if you can't engage your team effectively, this could lead to a loss of productivity or poor quality output. This in turn can lead to more problems to fix, frustration and a sense of disconnection in the workplace, which may have a serious impact on your job satisfaction and career progression.

But don't worry, you're not alone!

Many finance leaders that I have spoken to face these challenges. As a finance leader, you are great with technical areas of your craft, but muscles that could use work often relate to communication or leadership. Sometimes it’s the ability to challenge the process:  rethink old ways of doing things, to increase quality.  Maybe it’s equipping the team to act, or modelling the way more effectively.

The good news is that it’s never too late to change when something is important to you. Drawing on my corporate and leadership expertise, my finance background and my experience as a leadership coach, I am uniquely positioned to support you, focusing on enabling real sustainable change to drive business and personal performance.

How I can support you

  • Become a more operationally focused, strategic CFO / Finance Leader
  • Eliminate behavioural issues that are hurting performance.
  • Become more influential with colleagues and in the Boardroom.
  • Broaden your vision. Reframing limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Improve team performance. Engage and empower employees.
  • Enhance leadership presence. Communicate with impact.
  • Lead change. Complete a significant initiative in the company.
  • Have difficult conversations to improve results. Resolve a conflict.
  • Get control of time. Create strategies to deal with overwhelm.
  • Create an accountable, high-performance culture.
  • Create buy-in for an idea throughout the organisation.
  • Strengthen relationships with the CEO and other key stakeholders.

Coaching tailored for you

At its core, my leadership coaching is a tailored and personalised development process aimed at empowering finance leaders to reach their highest levels of performance and effectiveness.

We develop a customised engagement together, with a road map based on discussions with you (and the sponsor where applicable). Engagements typically span 3 – 12 months depending on the parties’ goals. Clearly focused, proven methodologies establish an excellent foundation while providing great flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each client.

All coaching is strictly confidential (between you and I). If you would like to learn more about the process and how I can support you, please book a complimentary consultation using the link below.

What can coaching do for you?

Lead Yourself

Learn to grow more comfortable in your leadership role. Common coaching goals include:

  • Find your voice and use it
  • Navigate first 3 months in a new role
  • Discern the skills you need to develop most
  • Develop a repertoire of leadership styles
  • Navigate difficult relationships
  • Transform reactive behaviours
  • Explore self-limiting beliefs
  • Shift out of feeling stuck / flat
Lead your Team
Lead your Organisation
Personal transformation
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