Empowering Finance Leaders to reach their highest levels personal effectiveness, enabling real sustainable change to drive business and personal performance.

Over the last 15 years, I have worked with more than a hundred finance leaders, which has allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of your business struggles, leadership challenges and behaviours specific to finance leaders that may sabotage your success and career progression.

Drawing on my corporate and leadership expertise, my finance background and my experience as a leadership coach, I am uniquely positioned to support you, focusing on enabling real sustainable change to drive business and personal performance.

I am passionate about supporting CFOs, FD's and heads of finance as well as high potential financial controllers in two ways:

  1. Those who are limiting their performance, potential and career progression because they are too focused on the technical areas of their craft, and need to move from having skills to having influence; and
  2. Those who have recently transitioned into their new role or about to transition and you need support navigating the complexities of your new role to accelerate your transition and success.

Read below to find out more about each program.

Empowering you to Move from Having Skills to Having Influence

As a leader in finance, your skills and expertise have taken you a long way in your career, but now you need something more. For some reason, when you try to influence others to your way of thinking, they don't always listen or follow you.

This can impact your performance when you present to the board, lead a team through change, or manage your own career progression. It's not enough to have the best ideas in the room.  You need to cross the bridge from having skills to having influence.

This is further exacerbated by the current market environment and technological advances. The role of a CFO and other finance leaders is changing and it’s no longer acceptable for you to focus on the numbers and past performance; CEOs and boards are expecting you to be more strategic, forward looking and be a better leader to help teams navigate change. This requires effective communication, more authority, more influence and the ability to empower your people and lead them through change.


First 90-Days Coaching: Fast, Smooth, Effective Transitions

Harvard Business Review reports that almost 50% of leadership transitions fail.

The actions you take as a finance leader in your first few months in a new role largely determine whether you fail or succeed. When leaders derail, their problems can almost always be traced to vicious cycles that developed in the first few months on the job.

The success or failure of your transition depends on how you prepare and develop a strategic “First 90 Days” plan. Together, we will navigate the complexities of your new position, establish your leadership identity and credibility. We will cover key stakeholders and relationships crucial for success as well assess your talent and their capabilities amongst other areas, allowing you to hit the ground running and feeling confident and prepared to thrive in your new role.

Meet Kelly

As a passionate and professionally accredited Leadership Coach, I am driven to help others maximise their potential. I believe we all have unique talent and purpose in life, my job is to help you discover, develop and hone that talent for maximum impact.

Supporting and empowering senior finance leaders is my speciality. As a recognised leader within Deloitte and engaging with CFOs, senior finance leaders and boards of my clients on a daily basis, I understand the challenges of senior finance leaders first hand and can support you through these.

Read more about my experience and credentials here.


"Kelly was phenomenal on giving me practical tips, coaching me through difficult business decisions and supporting me with my personalised business goals. I have started this new year feeling a lot more organised, reassured and inspired."

Tayla Moodie - Founder and Owner

"Effective and result-orientated" describes Kelly as a coach. She asks thought-provoking questions that make you see things differently, which helps bring clarity. I admire her understanding of the leadership issues and how she demystified the clutter into a simple action plan."

Uzma Aitqad - Change Management Consultant

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